Why Do You Need Independent Financial Advice?

Why Do You Need Independent Financial Advice?

Whenever you want some financial advice or just need someone to keep an eye on your monetary affairs, you need someone who isn’t actually representing a company or institution. This is the reason why you need independent financial advice.

Why? Simple…because they’re likely to be more interested in selling you some products or they are bound by a strict set of company rules.

What you need is someone who can listen carefully to what you want and then go and find the best possible route to take in order to either solve your problem or ensure that your money is safe, secure and performing to its maximum level.

To do that, the Financial Adviser or Wealth Manager may have to enlist the services of various companies and various products. It doesn’t matter which company or product they choose because their sole concern is to give you the best possible service and the best possible results. They need to be 100 percent independent.

This is precisely what the Newcastle-based Financial Advisers and Wealth Managers Rutherford Hughes are.

“It’s so important that we are completely flexible,” said Peter Rutherford, one of the founding directors. “My two colleagues, David Hughes and Denise Graham and I, have worked in the world of finance for collectively in excess of 75 years.

It is that sort of experience which allows us to listen carefully to what a client is looking for and then provide the best possible advice. One of our unique features is that we have our own proprietary software which continually monitors the funds that populate our strategies and ensures that they are always fit for purpose.

We don’t just put funds in place and then leave them there. The portfolio is always being reviewed and adjusted as needed to ensure the very best levels of performance.

We’re looking for investment funds that perform above average to their peer group on a regular, consistent basis. If they don’t…they’re gone…and we look elsewhere. We have no bias to any fund group or manager.”

Something else that is fully independent allows, is the ability to invest globally. You are not just limited to one region or one country.

This certainly helped Rutherford Hughes post excellent results in 2020 when, as everyone knows, the financial markets were extremely volatile due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Rutherford Hughes has also built ESG investment portfolios as an option for their clients. ESG is Environment, Social and Governance. This applies to firms that are well run but who also take into account their effect on the world. These firms can generally expect to have a rosy future in the long term.

No surprise that many fund managers are investing in those companies. “We offer a boutique service,” adds Peter. “We’re not mass-market which means we’re ideally suited to entrepreneurs, professionals, people who’re looking for trustee investment.

We also offer business protection. For example, if a firm has several shareholders but one of them dies, we can help the other shareholders ensure that funds are available to acquire those shares, rather than working with the deceased’s spouse. We can help them negate any effect from a key employee being ill or dying and causing problems for the business.

Many clients know that they need something to make their investments work, but they don’t really know where to start. Many can understand bank accounts but are very unsure in relation to investing. Our team will put everything in place for them and explain fully what they can expect.

We have a wealth of experience in advising on investment, pension, retirement strategies, inheritance tax and assisting with assets and divorce. We understand running businesses, families and what life can throw at you. Our role is to help you manage a way through it all.”

And it plainly works. All you have to do is look at some of the reviews which are left on their website.

“We have been absolutely delighted with the gains that our investments have been making over the last two years. Considering the Covid financial market turbulence, we have still made a solid increase in our initial investment. “Their choice of investments and the ongoing monitoring of our funds has resulted in a 20% gain [Dec 19-Dec 20] under what has been very trying and volatile market conditions.”

“My portfolio is growing a lot faster (even more than I expected in these difficult times). I can check the website on a daily basis, and looking at the current value early every morning puts a spring in my step and sets me up for the day.

Praise indeed from three delighted clients.

Rutherford Hughes; financial advice done the best way…the independent way.

This article was published in Issue 70 of Northern Insight Magazine.

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