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With all the uncertainty and turmoil in the markets at the moment regarding COVID-19, many people who have money invested are wondering what they should be doing with their current investments. This video answers the most frequent top 3 questions were being asked at the moment...

Rutherford Hughes financial advice superheroes

The Funding Superhero

10 Jun 2022

THE FUNDING SUPERHERO This is at a tale of how help can come from unexpected places. The key is to take advice. You may well be very pleasantly surprised. Mr. Max Profit, business owner, and his Finance Director, Arthur Sixpence, are having a meeting as to how they should fund

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05 Apr 2022

Currently there is a great deal of market volatility. In these circumstances investors must focus on the fact that they are investing for the longer term.  Markets can fall quickly but can rise equally fast. A way of dealing with volatility is by utilising “Pound Cost Averaging.” What is it?

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Year end tax planning at Rutherford Hughes Ltd Newcastle

Year-end Tax Planning

07 Mar 2022

It is time to start thinking about 5 April and your year-end tax planning. After two Budgets in 2021, there should be no spring Budget this year. However, the Chancellor is expected to make a statement to parliament on 23 March alongside the publication of the latest economic forecasts from

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Common Financial Terms

Time Not Timing

18 Feb 2022

TIME NOT TIMING  The latter part of 2021 and early 2022 have been choppy waters for investors to sail. It will have made some readers wary of investing at all, others perhaps waiting for the ideal time to commit their savings. Fact is you are unlikely to get it right.

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The Value Of Financial Advice

The Value Of Financial Advice

10 Aug 2021

The Value Of Financial Advice One of the problems financial advisers face is being able to prove to a new or potential client that they are worth their fees. Existing clients are usually comfortable with this because they know and “feel” the value of financial advice provided. I say “feel”

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Why Do You Need Independent Financial Advice

Why Do You Need Independent Financial Advice?

03 Aug 2021

Why Do You Need Independent Financial Advice? Whenever you want some financial advice or just need someone to keep an eye on your monetary affairs, you need someone who isn’t actually representing a company or institution. This is the reason why you need independent financial advice. Why? Simple…because they’re likely

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ESG Analysis

ESG Investing and Analysis

22 Jun 2021

ESG Investing and Analysis ESG analysis has become an increasingly important part of the investment process. Investors are incorporating environmental, social, and governance ESG data into the investment process to gain a fuller understanding of the companies in which they invest. Full article can be read on the CFA Institute

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Writing a Will when cohabiting

Protect yourself by writing a Will when cohabiting

09 Jun 2021

Protect yourself by writing a Will when cohabiting Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as common law marriage in the UK, which means that cohabiting couples have barely any rights to protect what’s theirs in the event of a relationship break-up or the death of a loved one. So, do you

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How much post work income will you receive from your pension and savings?

04 May 2021

How much post work income will you receive from your pension and savings? Retirement will probably be one of the biggest events you ever go through in your life, so it’s not something you’ll leave to chance. But knowing how much you’ll need, and how to get there, isn’t always

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Time to look at the ‘big picture’

Time to look at the big picture?

30 Apr 2021

Discovering the emotional benefits of financial advice No two individuals share the same goals or ambitions. Each person is unique, with their own needs, targets and budgets. So when it comes to managing your money, building wealth, securing your future and, above all else, drawing up an effective plan for

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