Accomplished Professional Network for females

Accomplished Professional Networking

Accomplished Professional Networking is a ladies’ only networking group, set up to support, empower and motivate women in business.

Whether you are a CEO, a one-woman business or working as an employee in a large corporate we stress the importance of working together especially in these testing times!!

We now do one face to face meeting per month and one online via Zoom, we alternate and meet every other Wednesday from 9.30am – 11am.

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Here are some reasons why networking should be essential if you truly want to build your career.

Is Accomplished Professional Networking right for you?

An avenue to exchange ideas

You never can tell how much you know without listening to other people. Success in a career is largely attributed to the pool of information or ideas you have gathered over the past. When networks have been created, it creates a trade of ideas to sustain long-term relationships and mutual trust. When you are receiving ideas, it helps both in your place of work and your personal life too.

It makes you noticeable

Individuals that seek publicity whether for business, politics or even fame focus more on networking. People quickly notice others that have stronger capabilities to make them relevant. When you stand out in both your expertise and the services you offer, it creates room for partnership which in turn builds a career.

Avenue for newer opportunities

Opportunities like meeting the right clients or even meeting people that are superior to your career path could be a steppingstone that could change your life for the better.

Reassessing your qualification

Networking is one thing, but to be able to utilise it is another. You might think that your current level in your discipline might be the greatest height you could ever achieve. But have you ever taken an in-depth look at the different levels of your chosen career and how other people with similar positions have attained their present position.

Improves your creative intellect

The intellectual ability in different careers is significantly improved upon from contacts we have built with other people over a period. Likeminded people that have been able to share ideas have strongly developed their intellect to foster growth in their career path and unleash the creative talent in them.

An extra resource library

Networking can be a platform that is designed specifically to your career and can be an extra resource library for you. Providing you with updated information on the latest career trends relevant to you. This network resource also grants you access to tap into them whenever the need arises.

Support from high profiles individuals

Everybody has one way or the other passed through some hurdles in their career development. Networking with high profile individuals from the same career path can serve as support. These high-profile individuals can help you manage your challenges effectively by either giving you advice or linking you to the right financial support.

Growth in status

The contacts you keep are largely attributed to your growth. They largely influence growth in your status and pave the way for better opportunities in your career. Your connections are powerful!

Growth in self-confidence

The more effectively you network, the more self-confidence you build over time.

Develop long-lasting relationships

If networking is a mutual relationship, then having the right networking channel can help build your career.  Networking might not be an easy and fast approach to building a long-lasting relationships but making it a two-way process of giving and taking can open the door for a firmer relationships.

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