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ESG has gone from a niche corner of the market to a major trend, with many companies considering the environmental and social effect of their businesses. These companies are not losing sight of their “bottom line.” A simple example of Governance is if you treat your staff better, they become more productive and there is less staff turnover.

An increasing number of investors are making it crystal clear that ESG principles are now critical to their thinking.
Ethical investing has become more mainstream and the number of ESG related investment options has grown immensely. But this is not just about being ethical or socially conscious, but about future-proofing your savings. After all, there’s no point in having lots of investments if there’s no planet to live on!

If you are keen for your money to reflect your morals, then at Rutherford Hughes Ltd we have the technology to offer fully ESG rated portfolios to suit your needs.

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Creating or maintaining a lifestyle. Building a legacy. Funding a long-term goal. We can help you create financial plans and investment portfolios that meet your ambitions.

Invest with a social conscience-RHL-Newcastle

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria help investors find companies with values that match their own. ESG is sometimes referred to as sustainable investing, responsible investing, impact investing, or socially responsible investing. We can help you achieve this utilising our proprietary investment software.


You have worked hard to build your wealth. Passing it on to the next generation fairly, safely, effectively and efficiently takes skill and careful preparation. We can guide you through how to achieve this and to minimise tax

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Leaving work. Handing over the reins of a business. Enjoying the next chapter. We will help you have a prosperous and satisfying retirement.


What are my responsibilities? What are the tax implications? How do I fulfil my role? We can ensure you are compliant and protected.

Protect my business-RHL-Newcastle

What if I lose a keyperson? How do I protect my family and fellow shareholders? How do I protect Entrepreneurs’ Relief and Business Relief? How can I extract profits tax efficiently? We can ensure that you make the most of your business and protect it from the unforeseen.

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From our plain talking approach to our passion for building long-lasting relationships, we go further to help you achieve more.

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